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We sleep on a bed not less than 5-6 hours per day, which is considered a long time as well. So it would be nice if we could sleep on the couch which felt soft. You can sleep well and wake up in the morning with the freshness of the day. If you still do not know how to choose the bestmattress-brand, there is a technique to help you have a soft mattress to sleep well.

Whether it is a bed for our parents or elderly people in the home, the choice of a bed is to pay attention. The mattress should be quite tight. Not too soft because it will make the spine curl. Back pain at bed time is difficult. If the mattress is too hard, it can cause muscle aches. You should choose a good strength with regard to physiology.

Mattress with mattress pad

Mattress pads help keep the mattress soft. You’ll be able to sleep more comfortably. It also extends the life of the mattress. If you want to sleep on a soft mattress, you should buy a good mattress pads, depending on the size of your mattress.

Sleep with Memory Foam

Memory Foam is denser than foam and the touch is soft. It is suitable for people with back pain and neck pain. It is recommended to use membrane foam thickness of 1-2 inches or to buy a bed memory is available in general as well. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the Fairgrounds, which are usually held every year.

Use bedding made of wool

If you do not have allergies, it is recommended to use bedding made of wool. This type of bedding will feel more comfortable than synthetic mattresses. Sleep is more awake than ever, such as a duck bed or mattress, wool, etc.


Do not neglect to clean the mattress because of the softness of the mattress, including sponge, cotton fiber and wool. When used for a long time. It may become a good source of dust mites. The mattress is something that we touch closely for more than 7-8 hours a day, so for people who are allergic or at risk, they must pay special attention to cleaning the mattress. Sponge material looks like it does not seem to be comfortable, but it actually feels good.


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